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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

first shooting

First Shoot Review

Feedback from our first shoot:

This is a print screen from one of the shots we done yesterday. On the flip camera the shots looked fine and a bit dark which is what we wanted. As well , we believed that we could brighten it up once edited. When uploaded and watched back the clip , they was even more darker and as you can see its complete darkness and found out that you cant add brightness into the shot once edited as it would stand out when watched back and for the audience will notice it and feel it doesn't suit and looks weird.
From our first shoot , we feel although the clips never worked as we wished. We have learnt that we need as much light as possible and when uploaded to quick time , it will come out or darker and its easier to edit to make it darker  than bring the brightness up. We also going to bring lights/torches to bring light for the shots and try and reflect it of walls and ect when we next film. Although , only one clip worked , we feel we have learnt something new for the future which we will be sure not to make the same mistake again.

Tour of the Set/Apartment


This is video showing the apartment/set we are working on to film our title sequence. I take you through each room giving you a in sight tour of the place.

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